Yorkshire Pudding Cart

Forget teeny, tiny canapes, it's all about the Yorkshire Pudding!
Our Yorkshire Pudding Cart is our newest fun-food addition and is ideal to keep your guests busy - and their tummies full!

Yorkshire Pudding Cart
Perfect for:

  • reception drinks - if you've ever been to a wedding, then you'll know that feeling of being starving and your other half's/kids' litany of "wonder when we're eating", "wonder what we're eating", "wonder if the bar sells crisps"!
  • canape/cocktail hour - gets guests mingling and gives them something to soak up their drinks!
  • evening - if it's a late wedding then you might not want to cater for evening food, if so this is an ideal compromise 


  • traditional white cart or tabletop set up
  • Yorkshire pudding tower
  • Gravy fountain
  • Accompaniments - mint sauce, horseradish, apple sauce
  • Disposable plates, cutlery & napkins
  • Serves up to 100 guests
  • £325

SPECIAL OFFER - £225 - when added onto a chocolate fountain, dessert station, hot catering or buffet booking

Yorkshire Pudding Cart